MathMods & Intermaths Alumni day 2022

MathMods & Intermaths Alumni day 2022

2022 MathMods & InterMaths Alumni Day , September 16, 2022 - L'Aquila

The 2022 MathMods & Intermaths Alumni day, our first ever, comes at the end of two week-long workshops in mathematics.

It is an opportunity for our current students to interact with some of our alumni members and hear presentations about their work since graduation. Our aim is that this will help our new (and returning) students by showing them the range of possibilities within industry and academia this degree will allow them to pursue, while also providing them an opportunity to grow their scientific network at a crucial stage of their development.

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A network of 12 European Universities, coordinated by Department of Information Engineering, Computer Science and Mathematics (DISIM) at University of L'Aquila in Italy (UAQ)