Hamburg University of Technology (TUHH), Germany

Technische Universität Hamburg


TUHH is a young and striving technical university with a clear profile in research and innovative learning methods where theory and practice meet. In 1994, it was the first German university to introduce a Bachelor's degree, and its extensive English-language study programmes attract students from all over the world (such as, e.g., a joint European master in environmental studies that was also funded through the Erasmus Mundus programme). TUHH secures additional private and public sector research funding equaling almost half of the university's non third-party budget. 

The Institute of Mathematics at TUHH plays a key-role in developing the mathematical foundations in research and education for all engineering areas in Hamburg, leading to projects such as e.g.:

  • FMTHH project on laser tumor theragnostics, P. I. Christian Seifert (senior research assistant in Marko Lindner's group): jointly with C. Krisp (UKE), 2018–2019.
  • FMTHH project on image segmentation and inpainting in MRI images, P. I. Marko Lindner, jointly with S. Mohammadi (UKE), 2018-2020,
  • I3-Lab on Business Analytics and Maritime Logistics, P. I. Anusch Taraz, jointly with Kathrin Fischer, Carlos Jahn, Thomas Wrona (all TUHH), 2019-2022
  • DFG Priority programme SPP 1679 “Dynamic simulation of interconnected solids processes” (2013-19, Le Borne),
  • DFG Project “Stochastic Contour Integral Methodology for the Computation of Two-Dimensional Electromagnetic Wave Propagation” (2016-19, Lindner),
  • DFG project on stochastic boundary integral eq's in EMC, P. I. Anusch Taraz, involving Christian Seifert, Marko Lindner, Christian Schuster, 2016-2019,
  • Joint Research Project with University Medical Center (UKE) on "Improving quality of spinal cord DTI using inpainting" (2018-2020, Lindner)
DFG project on Software for Exascale Computing: development of in-silico models for how chemicals permeate through human skin, P. I. Daniel Ruprecht.

InterMathsTUHH Coordinator

Anusch Taraz
Institute of Mathematics (E-10)
Hamburg University of Technology, TUHH
Chair Discrete Mathematics

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