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All our students, doesn't matter if they are EU or not, must hold valid insurance covering risks related to health, accidents, death, permanent invalidity, civil responsibility (including travel assistance) while they are outside their home country.

Personal medical cover is required in most European countries, even in those that have a public health system. An insurance card will also be required by local authorities in order to obtain a residence permit.

For all the Erasmus Mundus (EMJMD) students: a mandatory insurance coverage, covering risks related to health, accidents, death, permanent invalidity, civil responsibility, is provided to all students (whether they're scholarship holders or not) by the InterMaths Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Degree (EMJMD) Consortium.
Such insurance complies with the minimum requirements set out by EACEA

To all the other students (Double Degree programmes, for instance).
In the months that precede your arrival we will send you information by email about the insurance coverage we recommend. Then, you can decide to buy a different one by yourself or keep the one you may already have in your country. But, in any case your insurance coverage will have to comply with some minimum requirements established by the consortium. You may refer to these links if you wish to buy insurance by yourself -  all the below-listed companies offer insurance that comply with the minimum requirements to obtain an Italian residence permit:

  • AON 
    [AON 24/7 emergency assistance: # +31 10 448 8260]
  • Expat & Co
  • Protrip-World by DrWalter
  • Waitaly (cheapest option but still valid for an Italian residence permit)
    [Waitaly 24/7 emergency assistance via Europ Assistance # 800046421 (toll free from Italian phones only)
    or # +39 0258286966]

#Consortium InterMaths EMJMD;