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Practical information on visa, residence permits, enrolment procedure, housing details, how to reach us...

Enrolment procedure

Upon arrival in Italy, you'll have to complete your enrolment at the University of L'Aquila, which is the coordinating institution of your MSc programme. The enrolment process involves a preliminary online phase (registration on our university info system, online pre-enrolment and fee payment), which is usually taken care of by our InterMaths team.
To finalize your enrolment, you'll then have to submit your translated and legalized qualifications, which include, depending on the case, ONE of the following:

Declaration of Value (DoV)

The DoV is a document providing an official description of your academic certificates, duly legalized by the Consular office of the Italian Embassy in the country where such degree was gained.

CIMEA Statements of comparability

CIMEA has implemented a service of certification and comparison of Italian and foreign qualifications, with a view to rendering qualifications increasingly more comprehensible and recognizable.

Diploma Supplement

You may submit a Diploma Supplement to verify your previous qualification only if it is issued by the institution where you gained your undergraduate degree.
Note that the local Diplomatic-consular mission might still require that you obtain a Declaration of Value (DoV) before they issue your study visa, although our university accepts either CIMEA or Diploma Supplement by now. If that is the case, you will have to go through the DoV request process instead of the CIMEA statements or Diploma Supplement, otherwise you will never obtain any visa from that embassy. And that can be much lenghtier, so make sure you start the whole process in good time in advance.

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