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Housing options in L'Aquila

Student's halls of residence

In Italy, students' halls of residence (including other facilities for students like cafeterias, gyms etc) are not managed by universities. The public body in charge of them is, in our case, the Abruzzo Regional Agency for Education, aka A.D.S.U. (Azienda per il Diritto agli Studi Universitari - L'Aquila).

If you wish to find a place in the dorms and shared flats managed by A.D.S.U., you will have to apply typically in the second half of August (in the last few years, the call was launched only at the end of September or even later). Note that:

  • Places are limited and usually reserved for students from low-income families.

  • Ranking lists might be published even in late October, which means you will be spending a lot for a temporary place to stay (e.g. bed and breakfast) in your first weeks in L'Aquila while you are waiting for the lists to be out.

Private halls

Lately, a new student hall has opened up in town - it's known as Camplus. It is a private one, with no relation whatsoever with our university, but it is ideally located in the heart of the city centre, it can be booked online in advance and their fares include Wi-Fi, cleaning, maintenance etc. Check out their website to submit your application and find out more.

Private shared flats

As L'Aquila is undergoing huge reconstruction after the 2009 earthquake, we strongly suggest you opt for renting a flat from private owners. The cost per person ranges from 200 to 350 euros per month depending on several factors, e.g. shared or private rooms, utility bills included or not, and neighbourhood. By the way, living near the campus (the area is in a suburb in west L'Aquila known as Coppito) can be cheaper, but this means living away from the city life (events, nightlife, restaurants...).

Please make contact with Aquilasmus - ESN L'Aquila to receive support from a buddy with finding a place to stay in L'Aquila. Note that support is provided free of charge by volunteers and only starts after your arrival in L'Aquila (weekends not included).

Housing Contact Form by Aquilasmus

Camplus is a newly-established hall of residence located right in L'Aquila city centre. It includes single and double ensuites, maintenance, wifi, cleaning, utilities etc. Check out the current selection announcement for more details and the applicaion form.

Camplus Application form

Accommodation options in L'Aquila

Your Aquilasmus buddy will typically meet you within a few days (excluding weekends) after your arrival to help you find a place to stay (note that they can't offer any kind of support before you get to L'Aquila). For your first days in L'Aquila you may refer to the links below

ADSU Hall of Residence

ADSU (Abruzzo regional agency for education)

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Online ADs from private owners available on our university website

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