Vienna University of Technology (TUW), Austria

Technische Universität Wien (TU Wien)


With about 29.000 students, TUW is the third largest university of Austria, offering a wide range of study programmes in natural sciences, engineering and architecture. In mathematics, TUW is offering three bachelor and three master studies (with technical, economical, and financial applications). Over the last two decades, Vienna has developed into a stronghold of mathematics, with "partial differential equations" being one of its focal points. This is reflected by the "Vienna Center for PDEs", funded by TUW and Vienna University (since 2014; Speaker: A. Jüngel). Most of the TUW-mathematicians participating in InterMaths are involved in this center. The same group also holds several grants from the Austrian Science Foundation FWF:

  • research network SFB #F65 "Taming Complexity in Partial Differential Systems" (2017-2021, Deputy Speaker: A. Arnold),
  • doctoral school "Dissipation and Dispersion in nonlinear partial differential equations" (2013-2021; Speaker: A. Jüngel),
  • "Analytical, Numerical and Integrable systems approaches for nonlinear dispersive partial differential equations" (with Univ Wien, University of Bourgogne, University Paris.Sud), involving Anton Arnold,
  • Individual project “Optimal isogeometric boundary element method” with P. I. Dirk Praetorius.

 The InterMaths participants Arnold and Jüngel have ample experience with EU-funded projects: Arnold as Coordinator of a TMR-network and as Scientist-in-Charge of a IHP-network, Jüngel as project leader of a Marie-Curie Initial Training Network on computational finance (2013-2016).

TUW has been participating in the following Erasmus Mundus master programs:

  • "Cartography" (with TU Munich, TU Dresden, since 2014)
  • "Computational Logic" (with TU Dresden, Universidade Nova de Lisboa, Libera Universitá di Bolzano, start 2004).

InterMathsTUW Coordinator

Anton Arnold
Institute of Analysis and Scientific Computing
Vienna University of Technology, TUW

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