Being our programmes coordinated by the University of L'Aquila (aka "UAQ" or "UNIVAQ"), you'll need to enter the UAQ student information system called Segreteria Virtuale (aka ESSE3) quite a few times to perform various tasks. Segreteria Virtuale is in actual fact a gateway to a number of online resources like enrolment, exam booking, transcripts of records, degree certificates and many more, as you can see below.

You will receive your UAQ credentials via email only when your enrolment is completed and you have been assigned a matriculation (student ID) number. In actual fact you'll get two email messages in Italian from

  • Email 1 (Subject "Registrazione"), when your preliminary online registration on Segreteria Virtuale has been completed. That message contains your username ("Identificativo utente") and password ("Chiave di accesso"). 
  • Email 2 (Subject "Immatricolazione definitiva")when the whole enrolment process is actually completed (i.e. fees have been paid, the Registrar has checked your data, required documentation, etc.), you will be assigned a matriculation number/student ID ("matricola" in Italian). 
  • Your account will be fully activated only after you have received the "Email 2" above with your student ID ("matricola"). Please do not try to access your account (on Segreteria Virtuale or Office365) before having received such a confirmation message.
  • It usually takes 24 hours for the activation of your account to be completed. So, 24 hours after receiving "Email 2", you may start using your Office365 account and all the services described below.

Directions for first login

Do not try any of the steps below before you have received the confirmation email Subject "Immatricolazione definitiva", the one containing your student ID number ("matricola")

1. Sign in on Segreteria Virtuale

2. Change your default password

4. Sign in on Microsoft

5. You'll be redirected to Univaq for Login

6. Your Office365 Home Page

7. Change your Outlook language

8. Select your language

9. Update your Segreteria Virtuale

Directions for first login

Do not try any of the steps below before you have received the confirmation email with your student ID ("matricola"). Then, allow 24 hours for your account to be activated.

What you can do with your UAQ credentials

Your Univaq credentials consist of a password and a username. You username comes in two formats:
  • Short version (username), typically made up of 3 characters from your name and another 3 from your surname, e.g. for student John Smith: johsmi
  • Full version (, e.g., which is also your institutional email.
Beware your Univaq account will expire one year after graduation! Make sure you'll have backed up all your files, emails and degree certificates before that
MS Teams
MS Teams is a hub for video conferencing, meetings, and calling provided by Microsoft.
It is the app currently used by the University of L'Aquila to deliver online classes, meet faculty and staff, share class materials etc.

Though a few browsers (e.g. Chrome, Edge) allow using a web-based version of MS Teams, we strongly suggest you download the dedicated app, both on your smarthphone and on your computer.
Join a Team via code (not available to guest users)
Join online classes from within the "Posts" tab
Univaq Hotspot
With your credentials, you can access the WiFi networks available free of charge at any premises of the University of L’Aquila. The network available to students is either the one called UNIVAQ-Hotspot or UNIVAQ
You can also get access to Eduroam, which is a network available at most universities both in Italy and abroad.
Remember that, to gain access to Eduroam, you'll need to enter both your username and your whole domain: (e.g.,

not just your username (jonsmi) not even your full email address (, as they won't work on Eduroam.
Univaq Institutional Email by Outlook
Get free access to your univaq email at
Your school email address is like:

This is an addition to your email address (currently hosted on Aruba) provided to all students of our joint programmes and valid across all our partner countries.
Free Office 365

Get free access to Office 365 at, including free access to the whole Office suite (a free copy can be even downoaded on your computer!) as well as MS Teams, OneDrive, Sharepoint, Outlook etc.

Exam booking
From Segreteria Virtuale you can reserve a place for examinations (right menu > Area riservata > Prenotazione esami). This is required for each final exam and the reservation has to be submitted usually until 2 days before each exam, otherwise you won’t be allowed to sit the test.
How to get a transcript of records or an enrolment certificate?
From Segreteria Virtuale you may download enrolment certificates as well as transcript of records and degree certificates (right menu > Area riservata > Richiesta certificati > then choose Certificato iscrizione in inglese or Certificato iscrizione con esami in inglese etc.). See the screenshot for guidelines.
How to get a proof of tuition fee payment?
From Segreteria Virtuale you may download a proof of tuition fee payment (right menu > Area riservata > Tasse > then see the screenshot for guidelines).

Note that such a receipt only refers to the basic registration required by the Abruzzo region (where L'Aquila is located) to enrol at UnivAQ, not to the registration fees you are due to pay to participate in our international programmes, for which you'll have to refer to the related coordinators and assistants.

Still the receipt you can get from these pages might be useful for other purposes, as when you're asked to confirm your Erasmus+ scholarships, for instance.
Univaq Moodle
Univaq Moodle platform for online teaching:
InterMaths Network
A network of 12 European Universities, coordinated by Department of Information Engineering, Computer Science and Mathematics (DISIM) at University of L'Aquila in Italy (UAQ)