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Graduation in L'Aquila Sept 15, 2023

Graduation in L'Aquila Sept 15, 2023
Congratulations to the first graduates from the InterMaths Erasmus Mundus (EMJMD) Program - cohort 2021, who have on this day, Sept 15 2023, obtained their Joint MSc in Interdisciplinary Mathematics (MSc Mathematical Modelling at the University of L'Aquila):
  • AUGUSTINE Agnes Chinedu from Nigeria
  • GHADERI ZEFREH Fatemeh from Iran
  • JONATHAN Abel Maviano from Nigeria
  • KAMATH KATAPADY Megha from India
  • LLEIDA HIDALGO Guillem from Spain
  • NIKOLOVA Elena Mitkova from Bulgaria
On the same day, even a group of 3 MathMods students (from the same MSc Mathematical Modelling) have completed their studies with us and gained their Joint MSc Mathematical Modelling in Engineering:
  • MORRIS Daniel from Ireland
  • OSPINA VELEZ Simon from Colombia
  • RAJENDRAN Sachin Kumar from India

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