Programme Details

Double Master's Degree

When you graduate the InterMaths programme, you will be awarded a double degree issued by the two universities where you spent an academic year.

Scholarships and fees

Get the chance to win a 20,600 € scholarship to cover your tuition, insurance, accommodation and living costs.

Language policy

While any activity on InterMaths will be conducted in English, our international students will also be attending courses of the local language and culture.

Pre-departure info

Before joining us our team will assist you through some important practical matters like visa application, health insurance, accommodation etc.

Student's life

Find information here about local events, sports, sightseeing, transportation, excursions, nightlife and much more...

Local students

Already enrolled at one of our partner universities? We have an internal agreement for local students that allows an easier application process and a more flexible programme structure.

Win a scholarship - A 20,600 EUR grant for studying on our exclusive programme.

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