Studying InterMaths means

    • gain a double MSc degree
    • study in 2 different countries
    • 2 years (120 ECTS credits)
    • 8 study paths
    • program taught in English
    • learn 2 European languages

Social events

Aquilasmus is a student association, part of ESN (Erasmus Student Network). Aquilasmus offers several services to Erasmus students, like organizing parties, trips, international dinners, cineforums and more. Take a look at their website and join their Facebook group to get to know other international students and be involved in their activities.LAquilasmus

Bars, Restaurants, Pubs&Clubs, Discos

Check this article to see more information about cinemas, theathers, music, bars, restaurants,pubs & clubs, discos.

Free time and nightlife

aquilasmusAquilasmus is a student association, part of ESN (Erasmus Student Network). Aquilasmus offers several services to Erasmus students, like organizing parties, trips, international dinners, cineforums and more. Take a look at their website and join their Facebook group to get to know other international students and be involved in their activities.




  • Movieplex Via Leonardo Da Vinci, Pettino, L'Aquila (20 mins walk from the Math Dept.)



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Bars, restaurants, pubs & clubs, discos

drink bar cocktails

Before the 2009 earthquake most people and students used to gather at the many cafes and bars in L'Aquila city centre. Now, while most buildings there are still to be reconstructed and great part of the area is not yet accessible to people, a bunch of bars have proudly reopened their doors. You will find lots of students hanging out mostly on Thursday nights (typically, university night) and Saturday nights. Just ask the taxi/bus driver to drop you at "Fontana Luminosa" (the big fountain near the castle) and walk into the main road "Corso Federico II". You'll see that most people gather in that small square or head right into via Garibaldi. As a consequence of the earthquake, several other good pubs and clubs have had to move to other areas of the city. So, take a look at the rest of list, too.

City centre

  • La cantina del boss (but everybody calls it "iu Boss" in the local dialect). Traditional wine bar popular with locals, good atmosphere, great wine choice and tasty sandwiches. It usually closes before 11pm. Via Castello 3
  • Nero caffè. Lounge and wine bar. Corso Vittorio Emanuele II 45
  • Sybarita: Vino & Tapas. Spanish bar in Via Navelli 6/8
  • La Caffetteria Centrale. Cocktail bar. Via dei Sali 9
  • Oro Rosso by La Quintana. Pizza restaurant and pub. Via Tre Spighe, 3 (near the Fontana Luminosa)
  • Bottiglieria Lo Zio. Wine bar. Chiesetta Sant'Amico (near the Fontana Luminosa)
  • Farfarello. Bar, pub. Piazza Palazzo
  • Public Enemy. Gastro pub (good hamburgers, great choice of wine and beers). Via Garibaldi 27

Viale della Croce Rossa

After the earthquake several pubs moved from the city centre, which was off-limits for several months, to this road which connects the "Fontana Luminosa" to Viale Corrado IV

  • The Corner Pub
  • All Beers. Beer garden with a large variety of beers.
  • L'Unico Posto. Restaurant serving tasty bruschette, arrosticini and tiramisu.
  • Zazà Kebab. Middle Eastern Restaurant and Turkish Restaurant.
  • Mandarin, Chinese Restaurant. Viale della Croce Rossa, 189

Between the train station and Viale Corrado IV

  • Andalucia. Spanish restaurant. Via Eusanio Stella 2/A
  • Bollicine Lounge Bar. Dr. Why quiz nights. Via Pile, 19
  • Nuovo Impero, Chinese restaurant. Via Rocco Carabba, 22

Viale Corrado IV (main road connecting Hotel Amiternum to the city centre)

  • Gran Caffè dell'Aquila. Superb ice cream and cappuccino. 
  • La dolce vita. Very popular Cafe and disco.
  • Bar Tropical. Cocktails.
  • T-Bone. Steak house, special menu on Thursday and Friday nights inlcuding several starters, big steak, arrosticini, side-dish and free bevarages for 25 EUR only! Viale Corrado IV, 32

Other areas

  • Be One. New disco just opened up in town (October 2013). Thu+Sat nights from 11-5. Via Ugo La Malfa (near L'Aquilone shopping centre). Free shuttle from Fontana Luminosa and back.
  • The Shaman's Irish Pub. Themed parties. Very popular with university students. Via Francesco Savini (c/o Careffour shopping centre near the cemetery)
  • Woki Woki Restaurant. Chinese, Sushi and Thai restaurant ('all you can eat' menus available, too). Via Francesco Savini (c/o Careffour shopping centre near the cemetery)
  • Novecento10. Restaurant, wine bar and live music. S.S. Statale 17 ovest, c/o Panorama centre
  • Irish Cafe. Via Mausonia per Pianola


For informantion on popular excursions you can make around L'Aquila (ski resorts, beaches and more), read here.hiking


Check these articles for more info about shoping in L'Aquila or shops in Pizzoli.

As for fashion or souvenirs there are many shops in Roma or Pescara on various price level.

Sport activities

Many collective sports like rugby, football as well as tennis can be played in student organisations. Check the map below for University Sports Centre (CUS - Centi Colella), where students have reduced fee. It should be the bus stop s.s.17


Please mind that in Italy it is necessary to have a health check certificate from a 'family doctor' ( = the general doctor) before joining any sport facility (f.e. a gym). Feel free to e-mail us in case you have difficulties getting one.


Thanks to the great geographical location, both, L'Aquila and Pizzoli offer great oportunities to hike or just go for a nice walk into the mountains or woods.

All Pizzoli hikes start at the 'Pizzoli castle' when you continue up the road and after you pass few houses you will find yourself in the nice Abruzzo woodland.

As for L'Aquila hikes, you may pick any hill you see from the center

  • It is possible to walk up the ROIO hill. You can walk up the road or use hiking paths and even take the AMA bus number 1 up or back to Ospedale, Amiternum or Terminal.
  • You may like to hike up the other side of the city towards the cross on the top, and meet few water streams on the way
  • To go to Gran Sasso mountains you need to take AMA bus number 16 from the Terminal Bus Station and drop off at the last stop. From there you can take skylift to the hotel at the Campo Imperatore, where your proper hike can start. Please mind that the weather in mountains can be unpredictable.

It is quite likely to meet horses, cheep, cows or even some wild animals on your way - all being more scared than yourself and therefore harmless. Sometime you may stumble across cheep dogs that might look angry but if you don't show any signs of agression and simply ignore them they will gladly return the favore.


Dispite having no cycle paths in L'Aquila, it is possible to cycle on the road, however, this is on everyones own responsibility. You can get propper cycling stufff in Decathlon in Laquilone or other cycling shops in L'Aquila. There is also an active  cycling club that occasionally organises bike events in Gran Sasso .

Horse Riding

there is a big stable in Paganica, check AMA busses to see. One lecture costs 10 Euros and it is possible to prepay 10 lectures. Mind, the transportation from L'Aquila can take a while.


there are few gyms in L'Aquila and in Pizzoli as well. Please see the map above for precise location and this article about sporting facilities in L'Aquila for more information.

If you are interested in Yoga classes or similar, there used to be some in Asilo Occupato but we recommend to ask Laquilasmus.