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InterMaths 2021 call: deadline extension and new reference system

The InterMaths Executive Committee has established (see the corrigendum) to extend the 2021 application deadlines for EMJMD scholarships to allow applicants extra time to prepare and finalise submissions. The new deadlines are:

  • 1pm 18 April 2021: new deadline for candidates applying for an EMJMD scholarship.
  • 1pm 30 April 2021: new deadline for referees whose candidates apply for an EMJMD scholarship.

Speaking of which, the committee has also determined that, should a referee encounter serious difficulties with submitting their reference via the PICA reference tool, they may now submit their reference even just via email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (the same deadline applies).

If that is the case, please firstly make sure that, before they email us, you've previously entered their data (name, official email etc.) in the online application form, doesn't matter if then the invitation link goes through or not. That way, when they contact us from the same email address you'll have previously provided on the form, we'll be able to match their reference to your own application reference ID.


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