Master's Thesis (Aveiro)

Programme: Double Degrees
ECTS Credits: 48
Semester: 2
Year: 2
Campus: University of Aveiro
Language: English
Additional info: Students of the master in Mathematics and Applications of the University of Aveiro may execute the thesis in three contexts:
  • “dissertation” - the traditional format where the problem is academic with/without real applications;
  • “projeto” - the problem is proposed by a company and fits in the scope of the master but the host is UA;
  • “estágio” - similar to “projeto” but the student do a internship at a company solving a real problem.
We have agreements/partnerships with companies of several areas of activities as Finances, Industry, Health, Services, Technology; ranging from innovative start-ups to well-known international cooperations. There is also the possibility of applying to a scientific grant in those scenarios, supported by CIDMA, FCT, or projects P2020 and supervised by a professor of the Math Department.


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