German language and culture (level A1)

Programme: Erasmus Mundus
ECTS Credits: 3
Semester: 2
Year: 1
Campus: Hamburg University of Technology
  • To understand sentences and frequently used expressions related to familiar everyday expressions, university life and its requirements.
  • To describe your place of residence and the city of Hamburg.
  • To complete simple forms.
  • To impart basic grammar structures and vocabulary.
  • To enable to read and understand.
  • To introduce somebody to somebody,
  • Talking about yourself;
  • Alphabet,
  • Spelling,
  • So called "w-questions",
  • Numbers (1-1 Mio),
  • Time,
  • Days of the week,
  • Pronunciation.
  • Simple role plays.
  • Grammar: word order, construction of German sentences, affirmative sentence, questions, regular verbs → present tense, auxiliary verbs "haben" and "sein", pronouns (Nominativ), negative answer to a question "nicht" and "kein". 
Reading list:

Will be announced in lectures.


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