Course Unit


Behavioural and cognitive neuroscience

Unit Coordinator: Alice Guyon, Ingrid Bethus
Programme: Erasmus Mundus
ECTS Credits: 6
Semester: 1
Year: 2
Campus: University of Côte d'Azur
Language: English

Neuronal and cognitive systems cannot be modeled without knowledge of the basics of Neurosciences, from the molecular to the integrated level, involved in cognition and behaviors.

The first part of the program focuses on elementary neurophysiology and neuroanatomy. What are the different subparts constituting the nervous system and what are their main roles? How are neurons constituted? How do they generate activity and communicate with other neurons?

The second part of the program explores, with an integrative perspective, the neurobiological basis for higher mental functions through several examples. Sensorimotor functions are at the root of all the other processes. So the study of feeding behaviors is a good way to learn about the bio-logic of elementary behaviors, starting from the physiology of the autonomic nervous system and ending with neuroethological issues. Learning and memory are the basic processes of higher mental functions and also hot topics with applications in many domains.

In addition to all these fundamentals, the course also explains the materials and methods used in cognitive neurosciences to obtain data at the different levels of organization of nervous, cognitive and behavioral systems. This course is taught by a teaching staff member of the Master Programme Mod4NeuCog at UCA.

  • Neuronal and cognitive systems
  • Neurophysiology and neuroanatomy
  • Neurobiological basis for higher mental functions


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