Erasmus Mundus InterMaths - Interdisciplinary Mathematics

Information and call for applications to be announced shortly. Please check back soon

Already enrolled at one of our partner universities?

Great! That makes you a local student and you can apply easier. We have an internal agreement for local students (= already enrolled at one of the partner university) that allows students easier application process and more flexible programme structure.

If you are interested in a pathway - as a local student, you need to fulfill the conditions for the Master Degree of this university and be an enrolled student there.



What is different for you if you are a local studentlocal students


verification5  Application process:

To start the application process, you need to contact your local coordinator and express your interest. Different universities require different documents at this stage. The list of already localy evaluated applicants is then proposed to the InterMaths admission committee that decides.

marketing8  Programme structure:

Your degree, InterMath MSc, is still structured in 2 academic years (4 semesters), studied in 2 countries: in your home country and in Italy at the University of L'Aquila.

transfer5  Credit transfer and degrees:

After finishing your stay in L'Aquila, the UAQ sends your transcript of records to your home university. See here more information about credit transfer between partner universities. InterMaths assure awarding a double MSc degree after passing 60 ECTS credits in L'Aquila from given list of courses taught in English and another 60 ECTS credits at your home institution taught in English or in your local language.

distance1  Programme pathways:

It is upon the agreement between you and your local coordinator, if you wish you join University of L'Aquila for the first or the second year of your study and your home university for the second or first, respectively.

finance and business4  Fees and Grants:

Funding is possible only for your year abroad. As a student already enrolled at one of our partner institutions, you will go on paying the fees of your home institution during the 4 semesters.

All the additional information, as the accomodation, canteen possibilies, free time activities, etc. can be seen in the Partner section.