Erasmus Mundus InterMaths - Interdisciplinary Mathematics

Information and call for applications to be announced shortly. Please check back soon

Administrative fees and participation costs

The student will have to pay the InterMaths Consortium:

1) Administrative fees:

  • EUR 1,000 to be paid in two installments:
    • EUR 500 (initial fee) - deadline for payment will be communicated via email after the selection is completed;
    • EUR 500 due by 31 August, 2021.



2) Participation costs (not required for the 2020-cohort students, see below):

  • EUR 2,000 per semester (i.e. 4 installments for a total of EUR 8,000), which include any compulsory administrative/operational cost related to the participation of the student in the InterMaths Programme: tuition fees, library, laboratory, examinations, etc. Participation costs do not include accommodation costs, health/travel insurance, living costs, travelling costs, the cost of equipment or books or the sports centres.

Fee waiver for the 2020 cohort

Thanks to sponsoring organizations, students selected for the 2020 cohort will benefit from fee waiver for the participation costs. Therefore, they shall only pay administrative fees, as detailed above.