The heart of Lviv is Rynok Square – its old town made up of many beautiful buildings called ‘kamianytsia’, old fountains and other architectural monuments. For the last few years tourism in Lviv had huge growth, so now you can rarely enjoy empty Rynok Square, but you can find a lot of nice places to have a cup of coffee and try different cuisines. In Lviv, there are many ‘theme’ restaurants, which, apart from delicious food, have cars on roofs, dragons breathing fire, entertaining performances, and just lovely atmosphere. Another trait of Lviv is its street music. Almost always you can listen to street musicians, attracted and inspired by the charm of the square, sharing dreamy mood with their music. Clear your mind, relax and get inspiration while wandering around the city and exploring it.

There is a number of parks in Lviv, where you can enjoy the nature and spend your free time having picnic, reading a book or playing frisbee: Ivan Franko Park (right in front of your university’s main building), High Castle Park, Stryiskyi Park, Park Znesinnya, Park of Culture and Leisure of Bohdan Khmelnytskyi and other places.
Panoramas of Lviv:
Ratusha, Lviv Town Hall – 364 steps and here you are, observing every corner of Rynok Square;
High Castle – small hill, from which it is always fun to find your house and guess streets;
Church of Sts. Olha and Elizabeth – beautiful building itself, which allows you to discover Lviv from a different perspective.
Another interesting place is Shevchenkivskyi Hai (Shevchenkivskyi grove) – open-air museum, which is constructed as four mini-villages, containing old houses, churches, household items, agricultural and handicraft tools and vehicles. There is also a forge, a school, and a few mills. Churches are holding masses nowadays. There are a lot of festivities taking place on the territory of the museum.
For active leisure activities, there are gyms, fitness centers, swimming pools, tennis courts, a trampoline room, climbing walls, bowling alleys, skating rinks, paintball venues, laser tag arena, mini kart-racing track and other places where you can dive even more into a sport and active life. If you are interested, we can provide you with some recommendations.
For sure, gorgeous Lviv Opera House won’t go unnoticed. This is not just a beautiful building but also a cultural center, which proposes spectators operas, plays, amazing concerts and also ballets (quite suitable for foreign people, who don’t speak the language). Visiting famous Opera House is affordable even for students, so go get your amazing cultural experience.
Also, you can visit philharmonics, a lot of theatres, museums, art galleries. A few cinemas often offer movies in foreign languages: English, German, Italian, etc., so you can use this opportunity.
Apart from learning a new culture, you can teach other people yours. There are a lot of events in Lviv (you can find them on Facebook) organized by foreigners as well as locals which are meant to bring people together to share a personal experience of living, studying, travelling or working in another country. Also, there are meetings held in various languages (English, German, Spanish and some more) where you can meet new people and practice the language you are studying. For foreigners who want to learn or practice Ukrainian, there is a Ukrainian speaking club.
There are nightclubs in Lviv if you are into partying and disco.
If you have more spare time, let's say whole weekend, you can go to other cities of Western Ukraine or go to Carpathian mountains to discover their beauty, hike, paraglide, whitewater raft on mountain river and get rest before a new working week.