As for car transport possibilities in&around L'Aquila you can consider following options

Own car

If you wish to bring your own car to L'Aquila there is no problem. There has so far been at least one person bringing their car from each generation. Parking next to our student residences in Pizzoli is possible just next to your flat. When arriving to L'Aquila by car please mind that in Italy we pay for highway everytime we enter.

L'Aquila can be reached either via motorway or road:

  • from Rome: Motorway A24 Rome-L'Aquila Ovest (west)
  • from Autostrada Adriatica (Motorway A14): Toll gate "Teramo-Giulianova" - Motorway A24 to L'Aquila
  • from Pescara: Motorway A25 Pescara-Popoli and then S.S 17 Bussi-L'Aquila
  • from Naples: Motorway A1 Rome-Napoli - S.S. 82 Ceprano-Sora-Avezzano - Motorway Avezzano-L'Aquila A24/A25

Taxi in L'Aquila

There is only one taxi company in L'Aquila, Radio Taxi. They can be reached by phone +39086225165 or in front of Motel Amiternum.

Erasmus Mundus students are meant to get the special price of 15 Euros for the trip Pizzoli-L'Aquila and vise versa. The usual trip Motel Amiternum-city center is aroun 4 Euros.

Radio Taxi are available every day until 12am; on Thursdays and Saturdays until 3am. Aside from these times it is possible to make a pick up agreement in advance, however, if you have a early flight (therefore early gaspari bus) we reccomend to stay at friends place in L'Aquila for this special occasion.

Rent a car

Students often use auto rental services for weekend or daily trips. There are several car rental company, just search for 'car rental in L'Aquila' in your browser or ask older students.

In 2014 there were students renting a car from Europcar, na Via della Croce Rossa. For approximately 2-4 days it was around 30 Euros a day but drivers under 25 have to pay an extra fee.