as for the Trenitalia, check the article for possible regional trains to and from L'Aquila.


There are three bus companies operating in L'Aquila that you will find particulary usefull in your everyday life

  • AMA
  • Arpa
  • Gaspari

Besides these busses, there are also

  • Baltour - you get their rides in the Arpa search as well, as they are partner companies. Prices are similar to Arpa.
  • Gaspari - the only bus that connetc L'Aquila with Rome airports Chiampino and Fiumicino, see the article how to get to L'Aquila for more info. The single ticket costs 16 Euros and the return one 28.8 Euros. From the spring 2016 is this company also offering the trip L'Aquila Hotel Amiternum - Roma Tiburtina.
  • Megabus - low cost bus company, well known in Europe and the North America. It just entered Italian market in 2015, so there are still possibilities of getting a 5 Euros cross Italy tickets. Mind the lack of leg room.
  • Flixbus - German bus company that added L'Aquila into its route plan in June 2016, which means you no longer (!) have to travel to Rome or Pescara to travel further. Nice confortable busses.

AMA - public transport in L'Aquila

The public transport in L'Aquila is covered by the AMA bus company. Depending on how busy the trip can get thet run orange/blue/green/black busses "l'autobus" or blue vans called "pulmino".


The final destination of the bus is always written on the front side of the bus and together with the bus number can be seen from far. You need to get used to the way the timetable is written, as you can either search for number, or the bus stop (not for the time or "from-to destination trip"). To search for the time online, please check the name of your bus stop and then search for this destination in Linee e Orari to find the bus number you need to take. The other way is to search for the number and then check where it goes. Moreover, there is nowadays nice and clear time table on every bus stop. You can find the map of lines here.

Tickets & prices

You are obliged to enter a bus with a ticket and validate it in the yellow machine inside the bus. The complete list of ticket selling places can be found here. The closest one to university Coppito is Self copy SaS di Epifano - just across of the road from University. Please mind, that not every place sells all types of tickets. 

Here are the most useful types of tickets with prices:

  • One way ticket for 1,1 Euro - any selling place
  • One way ticket on a bus for 1.6 Euro - on any bus at the driver
  • 90 minutes ticket for 1.2 Euro - any selling place
  • Daily ticket for 2.7 Euros - any selling place
  • Blochetto (12 one way tickets) for 12.1 Euros - can be bought f.e. in the bar at Motel Amiternum or at the Terminal Bus Station
  • Monthly ticket* for 28.2 Euros - can be bought f.e. in the bar at Motel Amiternum or at the Terminal Bus Station or Sangritana Viaggi e vacanze by Fontana Luminosa

The controllers occasionaly get on the bus and wear the dark blue company clothes. They don't speak english and the fine for not having a validated ticket can get up to 160 Euros.

* the same system as for Arpa holds here as well: in order to be allowed to buy the montly ticket you need to register and buy a card at Terminal Bus Station or Sangritana Viaggi e vacanze Fontana Luminosa. You need to fill in a form and bring ID or passport and 2 passport size fotos. The card is valid until you lose it and costs around 15 Euros.

ARPA - regional Abruzzo public transport

Regional public bus transport is run by the Arpa company - blue or white with blue stipes busses.


It is the bus company you will use daily for reaching the University. For more information about this daily routine see this article about transfer between L'Aquila and Pizzoli, or how to get to Rome from L'Aquila.

Timetables for other Arpa rides can be found here.

Tickets & Prices

Arpa is the intercity Abruzzo regional bus company that offers transport within the region and also runs to Rome. It is the best option for Rome trips (11 Euros one way). Their offices can be found in several places, moreover, it is possible to buy a ticket at every SISAL place - for example at the Bar in Motel Amiternum.

As for Pizzoli - you can get the tickets in every bar in Pizzoli. For Pizzoli - L'Aquila trip the ticket Tariffa 2 is needed. You are obliged to validate it in the machine inside the bus.

GASPARI - private company operating in Abruzzo region


You'll find all Gaspari timetables on their webpage. There are 2 lines that might be on your interest:

  • L'Aquila Hotel Amiternum <-> Roma Tiburtina
  • L'Aquila Hotel Amiternum <-> Roma airport (Ciampino or Fiumicino)

Tickets & Prices

Gaspari tickets can be bought both, on the bus and online. Their page hasn't been translated into english yet but this article describing how to buy tickets on gaspari webpage in english might be useful. We recommend to buy your ticket online, so you assure yourself with the seat on the bus in case it gets busy (which has recently been happening). When entering the bus, pasangers with online tickets go first.

  • L'Aquila Hotel Amiternum <-> Roma Tiburtina: The single ticket start from 5 Euros (usualy 9 Euros) and the return one 14.8 Euros.
  • L'Aquila Hotel Amiternum <-> Roma airport (Ciampino or Fiumicino): The single ticket costs 16 Euros and the return one 28.8 Euros.

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