How to reach Katowice center from the Katowice Pyrzowice airport

In front of the main entrance to the airport cosy, comfortable and modern buses are waiting to take you to  Katowice center. You can book your ticket online or ask the driver for it. The journey is around 50 minutes long. Prices are mostly around 5-8 euro. Keep in mind that you do not have to pay extra for your luggage. You can choose some of the buses mentioned below. Check the website to see more information like the timetable, prices, bus stops etc.

  1. PKM Katowice bus
  2. KZK GOP bus
  3. Matuszek bus 
  4. (official Wizzair bus)

How to reach the Katowice center from the Krakow Balice airport?

  2. Neobus 

The prices would be around 6-11 euro and the way will take you around 1 hour. To book the ticket and find other information check the websites.
To get to Katowice you can also take a bus from the Krakow Balice to the Krakow center and than take another bus straight to Katowice.

The International Airport Katowice Pyrzowice website

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