For Saturday June 28 we've organized a trip to Arpino, a town to the south-east of Rome (around 100 km) that produced the famous Roman orator and philiopher Cicero

The event has been organized by the Mathmods Team and the Associazione "Giulia Carnevale" .


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A schedule of lectures for MathMods Summer School 2014 is now available!

The Summer School involves a set of short courses and seminars from two different IP (Intensive Programmes) projects: Mathematical models for social innovation (MaIn) Modelling Earthquakes (MErQs)

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Here are some photos from the trip we made to Arpino on Saturday 13, 2013, as social activity within SeisMath IP.

Thank you everybody for joining us! And special thanks to Associazione Giulia Carnevale, Città di Arpino, Fondazione Mastroianni, Banca Popolare del Cassinate and the local Protezione civile for everything you've done to make this a unique experience.


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Here are some photos from the party we had at the end of the IP (Friday July 19, 2013) to celebrate our MathMods MSc new graduates and say "see you soon" to the bright, cheerful group of Polish students as well as to all our SeisMath participants!

Thank you, everybody, for taking part in the IP and we hope to see you again next year!


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