Introduction to low dimensional systems and nanotechnology

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  • ECTS credits: 6
  • Semester: 1
  • University: Gdansk University of Technology
  • Objectives:


    Gaining knowledge on fundamentals of nanotechnology and low-dimensional systems and experimental methods

  • Topics:


    1. Fundamentals of Nanotechnology (M. Gazda)
    a. Synthesis of nanomaterials: examples of processes top-down and bottom-up;
    b. Imaging nanomaterials: e.g. scanning probe microscopy, electron microscopy;
    c. Examples of nanomaterials: e.g. graphene, Ag and Au nanoparticles, quantum dots;
    d. Surface and its importance
    e. Structure, structural phase transition and morphology of nanomaterials;
    f. Selected mechanical and thermal properties of nanomaterials and nanostructured materials;
    g. Selected electronic, optical and magnetic properties of nanomaterials;
    h. Examples of applications of nanomaterials .

  • Books:


    Nanoscopic Materials
    Size-dependent Phenomena

    Emil Roduner
    Institute of Physical Chemistry, University of Stuttgart,
    Stuttgart, Germany The Royal Society of Chemistry 2006

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