Reliability and Quality

Additional Info

  • ECTS credits: 4
  • Semester: 1
  • University: Brno University of Technology
  • Prerequisites:

    Mastering basic and advanced methods of probability theory and mathematical statistics is assumed.

  • Objectives:

    The course objective is to make students majoring in Mathematical Engineering acquainted with methods of the reliability theory for modelling and assessing technical systems reliability, with methods of mathematical statistics used for quality control of processing, and with a personal project solution using statistical software.

  • Topics:

    Basic notions of objects reliability. Functional characteristics of reliability. Numerical characteristics of reliability. Probability distributions of time to failure. Truncated probability distributions of time to failure, mixtures of distributions. Calculating methods for system reliability. Introduce to renewal theory, availability. Estimation for censored and non-censored samples. Stability and capability of process. Process control by variables and attributes (characteristics, charts). Statistical acceptance inspections by variables and attributes (inspection kinds). Special statistical methods (Pareto analysis, tolerance limits). Fuzzy reliability.

  • Books:

    Montgomery, Douglas C.:Introduction to Statistical Quality Control /New York :John Wiley & Sons,2001. 4 ed. 796 s. ISBN 0-471-31648-2

    Ireson, Grant W. Handbook of Reliability Engineering and Management.Hong Kong :McGraw-Hill,1996. 1st Ed. nestr. ISBN 0070127506

  • More information:

    The course is concerned with the reliability theory and quality control methods: functional and numerical characteristics of lifetime, selected probability distributions, calculation of system reliability, statistical methods for measure lifetime date, process capability analysis, control charts, principles of statistical acceptance procedure. Elaboration of project of reliability and quality control out using the software Statistica and Minitab.

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