Fuzzy Sets and Applications

Additional Info

  • ECTS credits: 4
  • Semester: 1
  • University: Brno University of Technology
  • Prerequisites:

    Fundamentals of the set theory and mathematical analysis.

  • Objectives:

    The course objective is to make students acquainted with basic methods and applications of fuzzy sets theory, that allows to model vague quantity of numerical and linguistic character, and subsequently systems and processes, which cannot be described with classical mathematical models. A part of the course is the work with fuzzy toolbox of software Matlab and shareware products.

  • Topics:

    1. Fuzzy sets (motivation, basic notions, properties).

    2. Operations with fuzzy sets (properties).

    3. Operations with fuzzy sets (alfa cuts).

    4. Triangular norms and co-norms, complements (properties).

    5. Extension principle (Cartesian product, extension mapping).

    6. Fuzzy numbers (definition, extension operations, interval arithmetic).

    7. Fuzzy relations (basic notions, kinds).

    8. Fuzzy functions (basic orders, fuzzy parameter, derivation, integral).

    9. Linguistic variable (model, fuzzification, defuzzification).

    10. Fuzzy logic (multiple value logic, extension).

    11. Approximate reasoning and decision-making (fuzzy environment, fuzzy control).

    12. Fuzzy probability (basic notions, properties).

    13. Fuzzy models design for applications.

  • Books:

    Klir, G. J. - Yuan, B.: Fuzzy Sets and Fuzzy Logic - Theory and Applications. New Jersey: Prentice Hall, 1995.

    Zimmermann, H. J.: Fuzzy Sets Theory and Its Applications. Boston: Kluwer-Nijhoff Publishing, 1998.

  • More information:

    The course is concerned with the fundamentals of the fuzzy sets theory: operations with fuzzy sets, extension principle, fuzzy numbers, fuzzy relations and graphs, fuzzy functions, linguistics variable, fuzzy logic, approximate reasoning and decision making, fuzzy control, fuzzy probability. It also deals with the applicability of those methods for modelling of vague technical variables and processes, and work with special software of this area.

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