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Accommodation in L'Aquila

Accommodation in L'Aquila

The InterMaths organizing committee will take care of finding accommodation for all the InterMaths students. Students being awarded a scholarship will be hosted free of charge at our university students' halls, according to the scholarship conditions. In general, the cost per person may range from 300 to 400 euros per month (electricity, heating and other related expenses are usually included). All selected students will receive detailed information by email about accommodation in good time before leaving their own country (usually in June), along with contracts and instructions on how to pay for the deposit, if applicable.

Accommodation options for the 2017 batch

Please visit our partner website or read below:

Student's flats in Pizzoli

Transfers between our student's flats in Pizzoli and L'Aquila

Temporary accommodation in Pizzoli

  • Hotel Casa delle Tradizioni. Via Villa Mercato, 8 Pizzoli L'Aquila - Phone # 0862 975036
  • Bed & Breakfast "Il Tulipano", via Villa San Pietro 70, (next to our Students' Residence B) - Phone # 349.1170633 or 348.3844969. Ask the opposite bar for information.

 Temporary accommodation in L'Aquila

City centre

West L'Aquila (close to the Maths Department and the Faculty of Engineering)

Student flats to rent (usually for the whole academic year only)

Accommodation in Katowice

Accommodation in Katowice

InterMaths students, studying in Katowice, are hosted free of charge in single rooms in the students’ dormitory of the University of Silesia in Katowice.

Address: Katowice, ul. Studencka 16.

Each two single rooms have their own bathroom and kitchen. The rooms are available in the last week of September and students can stay there for free for 10 months.

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