Ivan Franko National University of Lviv, Ukraine

ivanfranko national universityThe Ivan Franko National University of Lviv(LNU) is one of the oldest universities in Eastern Europe. Founded in 1661 now it is hosting more than 15,000 students and offers academic degrees in 81 majors within 17 Faculties/Schools. The university established a number of international centers for developing students and researchers exchange programs and expanding geography of their studies. Mathematical departments have old traditions and are considered as one of the best in their field. The famous scholar, father of the functional analysis Stefan Banach worked as a professor here and influenced the directions of studies. Nowadays, the Faculty of Applied Mathematics and Informatics (with more than 40 Ph.D. as teaching staff) provides studies in computer modeling, computational mathematics, information systems, optimal process theory and programming.


LNU Coordinator

yaremasavulaProf. Yarema Savula
Faculty of Applied Mathematics and Informatics
Ivan Franko Lviv National University
Universytetska, 1, 79000 Lviv (Ukraine)

+38 0673714084

Study paths available at LNU

UAQYear 2 in Lviv - Applied Mathematics

Year 2 in Lviv - Applied Mathematics

List of course units


Semester 1

Semester 2

  • Research internship (12 credits)

    • ECTS credits 12
    • Semester 2
    • University Ivan Franko National University of Lviv
    • Objectives

      The aim of Industrial Internship is to engage the student in commertial projects, usually connected with mathematical modelling or software development.

    • More information

      Depending on student's interests he/she can be temporarily enrolled at IT company, scientific institute, university or other organization which deals with mathematical, computer modelling, simulation or similar problems. Lviv has a wide range of possibilities, hosting over 200 IT companies with nearly 15000 of employees, a dozen of universities and over 30 scientific institutes.





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  • Master's thesis (LNU) (18 credits)

    • ECTS credits 18
    • Semester 2
    • University Ivan Franko National University of Lviv
    • Objectives

      The topic of the thesis can be proposed to the student by the local InterMaths coordinator or by the student him/herself. In any case, the InterMaths executive committee is the responsible to approve the thesis project before its formal start. The taste and expectations of the students are respected whenever possible. The local InterMaths coordinator in the hosting institution is the responsible to provide an academic advisor to the student, although proposals from the students will always be heard in this respect.

      In some cases, after the agreement with the local InterMaths coordinator, the thesis topic can be related to a problem proposed by a private company. In this case, a tutor will be designated by the company as responsible person of the work of the student, especially if he/she is eventually working in the facilities of the company; however, the academic advisor is, in any case, the responsible to ensure the progress, adequacy and scientific quality of the thesis. The necessary agreements between the university and the company will be signed in due time, according to the local rules, in order that academic credits could be legally obtained during an internship, and the students be covered by the insurance against accidents outside the university.

      NOTE: Although the thesis is scheduled for the 4th semester, some preliminary work may be anticipated due to the local rules - such as preliminary local courses in the 3rd semester, ensuring that the student can follow the main courses of the 3rd semester without problems. In this point, the personalised attention to the students has to be intensified, and decisions taken case by case.

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The Faculty of Applied Mathematics and Informatics is situated in the main building of Ivan Franko Lviv National University in the centre of Lviv on Universytetska st.,1. In front of the building, there is a park and a monument of Ivan Franko, ukrainian writer. The main building of the university is easily reachable by public transport. For more information on the faculty of Applied Mathematics and Informatics, please click here.

The city of Lviv lies in the centre of Europe. Having a population of around 730000 people, it is the 7th largest city in Ukraine as well as one of the leading cultural and educational centres. Indeed, 38 Lviv universities and institutions with a total of 130000 students produce around 30000 highly educated graduates every year, the majority of which specialize on IT, Engineering, Applied Sciences and Foreign Languages. Throughout the centuries, Lviv has been a city where different cultures live side by side, resulting to many historical monuments and buildings of different architectural styles (Lviv Opera Theatre, Rynok Square, Latin Cathedral, Dominican Church, etc.) The historical and cultural richness of Lviv's city centre has earned it a place in the UNESCO World Heritage List. For more information, please visit http://lviv.travel/en/index

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